FAQs testing

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked FAQs below:

1. Our institution is interested in licensing eCareersGrad but first want to evaluate full course content. How can we do that?

  • HE careers/ academic staff can access full course content ‘pre-licensing’ for a 2-week period.
  • Access full course content by registering with a name and academic email address ending ‘ac.uk’
  • On registering, you’ll receive an ‘Activation link’ sent to your email.
  • Access ‘Interview Success’ full course

3. Can alumni access eCareersGrad?

  • No – we have tried to make the user registration and login process as simple as possible to negate the need for local administrator access.
  • Individual students can Contact Us with any login or access problems directly.

  • At eCareersGrad, we take Data Protection seriously and understand that many HE Institutions will conduct a Data Protection Impact assessment. Please find the answers to the majority of Data Protection FAQs in our Privacy Policy. For questions not covered in the policy, please Contact Us
  • In the Autumn of 2019, new Accessibility Legislation was introduced requiring all digital content within UK HE institutions to meet strict accessibility guidelines. All eCareersGrad course content meets these requirements in full (and beyond) including:
    • All video content is fully captioned with additional standalone dialogue transcriptions for example answers.
    • All images are supplied with alternative text descriptions (alt text)
    • Chapters are formatted using structured headings and simple, concise copy.
    • All content is ‘responsive’ adapting to the device used – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

8. Where can I find promotional copy, images and other resources?

We have a range of website copy, images, video content and animated GIF banners that can be embedded on your website and used for social media and email campaigns. This will be supplied for launch.

9. Additional questions

For questions not covered by any of the above, please Contact Us