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Careers Courses

Course includes:

  • Did you know that just 300 UK employers routinely SPONSOR the vast majority of International Students for UK grad schemes and job opportunities?  Do you know who these employers are?
  • REVEALED: the UKs biggest International Student sponsoring employers – ranked, sector specific and searchable to help ‘Target the right UK employer’ in future applications.
  • International Student video testimony, case studies and interactive guides to strategies for successfully sourcing UK jobs and work experience.

Course includes:

  • 60+ video-based candidate example answers for popular sectors including consulting, banking, technology, finance, law, life sciences as well as dealing with academic interviews
  • 10+ recruiter answer scoring guides and illustrated answer structures for introductory, motivation, competency, commercial awareness, strength-based (and weakness) and scenario questions
  • Spotlights on anticipating potential questions, dealing with video interviews and what to ask the interviewer.

Course includes:

  • 15+ video-based candidate answers showing what good looks like (and doesn’t) for key case scenarios including market sizing, market entry, revenue growth and more…
  • recruiter answer scoring guides and illustrated answer structures for handling the case introduction, issues analysis and dealing with the numbers
  • Spotlights on how to use case ‘frameworks’, essential financial concepts and mastering note-taking.