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Improve your chances of graduate success with our suite of video-based, interactive eLearning courses.


Course includes:

  • 30+ video-based candidate example answers for popular sectors including consulting, banking, finance, law, policy and the public sector
  • 10+ recruiter answer scoring guides and illustrated answer structures for introductory, motivation, competency, strength-based (and weakness) and scenario questions
  • Spotlights on anticipating potential questions, dealing with video interviews and what to ask the interviewer.

Master the
Consulting Case

Course includes:

  • 15+ video-based candidate answers showing what good looks like (and doesn’t) for key case scenarios including market sizing, market entry, revenue growth and more…
  • recruiter answer scoring guides and illustrated answer structures for handling the case introduction, issues analysis and dealing with the numbers
  • Spotlights on how to use case ‘frameworks’, essential financial concepts and mastering note-taking.  Sample cases with model answers. 

Practice Video

Resource includes:

  • Practise video interview in safe, home environment
  • 12 sets of practice questions including Competency (CBI), Strength-based and 10 industries
  • Answer recruiters’ questions, record yourself, get AI-powered feedback 
  • Unlimited number of recordings
  • Prep for: HireVue, Sonru, Zoom, MS Teams and more
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Aptitude Tests

Resource includes:

  • 100+ practice tests and exercises including:
    • verbal, numerical and diagrammatic reasoning
    • situational judgement and e-tray exercises
    • critical thinking and assessment centre activities
  • Powered by: AssessmentDay

Test Success

Resource includes:

  • Succeed in most demanding hiring processes
  • 70+ full practice assessments and tools (1100+ unique questions) for top employers:
    • 37 Ability Tests (numerical, verbal, logical)
    • Situational Judgement, Personality Questionnaire, Watson Glaser, CAPP, IPAT & more
    • Game-based assessments, video interviews, assessment centre exercises
  • Answers, worked solutions, personalised report with tips to improve
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Centre Toolkit

Resource includes:

  • Assessment Centre (AC) presentations, group discussions, in-tray and written exercises
  • Assessor marking guides to see what best performance looks like
  • Succeed in the AC with top employers
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