Partner with us

Help your members achieve grad selection success and earn society commission by partnering with eCareersGrad.
Features of our Partnership programme include:

  • A commission of 30% for your Society/ Organisation based on all sales (net of VAT) generated as a result of eCareersGrad promotion through your website, social media channels and email campaigns.
  • Partner discount codes of up to 20% specific to your society/ organisation for your visitors/ members to use to purchase eCareersGrad courses.

How it works

Our Partnership Programme is based on the popular model of ‘Affiliate Marketing’ – here’s how it works:

What happens next?

  1. Request to join the programme by completing this short Partnership request form and liking our facebook page.
  2. Once approved, we’ll send you eCareersGrad branded promotional banners, email templates and other content as well as Custom URLs to link through to our site.
  3. When a visitor responds to your eCareersGrad promotion and clicks this URL, they’ll be directed to eCareersGrad and a cookie identifying the specific partner will be stored in the visitor’s browser.
  4. If the visitor goes on to make a purchase within the next 30 days, the Partner that the visitor is tracking through the cookie is awarded the commission. We can also track sales based on the Partner discount codes used by visitors to your site.
  5. We use affiliatewp – a widely-used affiliate marketing software to automate the process. Each Partner can access their own dashboard to view their referral stats, generate affiliate links, and view their earnings.
  6. Commission Payments are made in the 1st week of every month via PayPal or BACS. Commission due will be the amount generated by referral links or Partner discount codes – whichever is higher.
  7. For more detailed information, see our Full Terms and Conditions below.

Promotional content

We have a range of animated GIF banners, video content and email copy/ templates in both English & Chinese that can be embedded on your website and used for social media and email campaigns.

Ready to become an eCareersGrad Partner?

Complete this short Partnership Request form.