LIVE MasterClasses

Our MasterClass webinars are a great way of getting up to speed with key content drawn from the accompanying eCareersGrad eLearning courses.

Live masterclasses will run again in September 24 but students at our 30+ University partners can access on-demand recordings by registering/ logging in for access. MasterClass details and recording links below.

International Students: Target the right UK employer ‘SPONSOR’ for jobs and internships

Watch recording

Join this MasterClass with eCareersGrad to:

  • see and gain access to eCareersGrad’s unique ranked, sector-specific and searchable profiles of 300+ UK employers who have ACTUALLY SPONSORED the most International students over the last 3 years.
  • understand the ‘New Entrant’ discount and how Internationals can instantly find minimum salary details required for SPONSORSHIP for over 1,300+ job roles with our unique searchable ‘Salary Checker’ tool.
  • devise application strategies to improve your chances of securing UK-based opportunities and make the most of the eCareersGrad ‘International Students: Target the Right UK Employer SPONSOR online course – available on-demand through your Careers Service.

Achieve ‘Interview Success’

Competency & Strength-based Questions: Watch Recording

Motivation and Sector Awareness Questions: Watch Recording

PhD & Academic Interviews: Watch Recording

Join these MasterClasses with eCareersGrad to:

  • see grad-level, video-based examples of ‘what good looks like’ (and doesn’t) when it comes to answering some of the most common interview questions for popular sectors like finance, consulting, legal, healthcare and more
  • understand how recruiters score candidate answers and the structures and techniques you can use to improve your performance
  • prepare for your next interview and make the most of the eCareersGrad ‘Interview Success’ online course – available on-demand through your Careers Service.