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Our courses

Find out more about our courses – ‘Interview Success’ and ‘Master the Consulting Case’ that can be licensed both together or as as stand alone courses. Watch our short 2 minute intro videos and access sample course chapters below

Who we work with

Here are just some of the business schools, schools of management and universities that currently make our courses available to their students:

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Praise for eCareersGrad

eCareersGrad is essential viewing before an interview. Its video examples and recruiter marking guides will show how you can master the interviewing and consulting case process.

Iain McLoughlin (Queen Mary Senior Careers Consultant/ former Head of Coaching London Business School)

“The quality of course content is exceptional. The real-time recruiter feedback – especially for the poor answer examples mirrors so much of what I see day to day with unprepared candidates.”

Hilary Moor (UCL Senior Careers Consultant)

eCareersGrad was a huge asset in helping my finalists prepare for their in-curriculum video interview assignment. Usually I would give students written examples of interview responses to help with their preparation but with eCareersGrad we were also able to watch clips of actual students answering questions with real-time recruiter feedback. This made the task more inclusive of a range of learning styles and sped up students’ learning of how to go from a poor answer to a great answer. 96% of students completed the assignment with an average grade of a high 2:1.”

Andrea Cox (Careers Consultant for Researchers at Queen Mary, University of London)

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below:

1. Our institution is interested in licensing eCareersGrad but first want to evaluate full course content. How can we do that?

  • HE careers/ academic staff can book a demo and subsequently access full course content ‘pre-licensing’ for a 2-week period.
  • To book a demo, please Contact Us

2. How do student users access course content?

  • eCareersGrad is a ‘cloud-hosted’ platform. There’s no software to download or Single Sign-On (SSO) access required. There are 2 ways for users to gain access:
    1. A signpost link from your website takes users to an ‘institution-branded’ eCareersGrad landing page like that to your right. Users register with a simple form with secure access granted to those with a valid institutional email address eg ‘’ . See an example landing page for the University of XYZ : Access XYZ Landing page
    2. Alternatively, students can access via a link to eCareersGrad from institution specific pages such as a website, virtual learning environment (eg moodle) or careers management system – behind authentication.

3. Can alumni access eCareersGrad?

  • Alumni can access content directly with a valid institutional email address including alternative formats such as ‘’.
  • In addition, if no alumni institutional email facility exists, local administrators can manually register alumni with a personal email address.

4. How can I find out usage metrics?

  • eCareersGrad will provide bi-annual institutional reports for the following:
    • The total number of your HE institutional’s users registered for eCareersGrad
    • The number of ‘active’ users within the last year and most recent 6-month period.
    • On request, listings of individual user email data can be supplied in CSV/ excel file format so that student users can be identified and profiled for reporting purposes.
Sample eCareersGrad institution landing page

5. What about Data Protection?

  • At eCareersGrad, we take Data Protection seriously and understand that many HE Institutions will conduct a Data Protection Impact assessment. Please find the answers to the majority of Data Protection FAQs in our Privacy Policy. For questions not covered in the policy, please Contact Us

6. Is course content accessible in relation to the latest digital content requirements?

  • In the Autumn of 2019, new Accessibility Legislation was introduced requiring all digital content within UK HE institutions to meet strict accessibility guidelines. All eCareersGrad course content meets these requirements in full (and beyond) including:
    • All video content is fully captioned with additional standalone dialogue transcriptions for example answers.
    • All images are supplied with alternative text descriptions (alt text)
    • Chapters are formatted using structured headings and simple, concise copy.
    • All content is ‘responsive’ adapting to the device used – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

7. Where can I find promotional copy, images and other resources?

We have a range of website copy, images, video content and animated GIF banners that can be embedded on your website and used for social media and email campaigns. This will be supplied for launch.

8. Additional questions

For questions not covered by any of the above, please Contact Us